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    FIRST NATION's Entrepreneurs 

About First Nation Start Up

First Nation Start Up specialises in business services ranging from business management, social media and marketing, cultural consulting and advisory support, to offering more tailored programs of work such as our Cultural Frameworks in Entrepreneurship courses.

First Nation Start Up is a business accelerator and consulting agency that specialises in restoring the Indigenous circular economy one community at a time, through tailored support and business accelerators. 

We are based on the beautiful Bundjalung and Kombumerri country, Gold Coast, and our consultancy and services are offered nationally, with a unique range. of clients and stakeholders to support the growth and development of the First Nations business sector.
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Introducing Wangharra Indigenous Consultants

First Nation Start Up are proud to be expanding First Nation Start Up with our new consulting group, Wangharra Indigenous Consultants (WIC). WIC is a First Nations female-led and managed consulting agency that specialises in key areas outside of the Start-up and business support space. To read more about Wangharra Indigenous Consultants, see 'About Wangharra' below. 

Business Start-Up Support

First Nation Start Up offer a unique suite of business consulting services tailored to meet your business needs. From developing robust and innovative business plans, to facilitating our business foundations workshops, we have the tools to enable and equip your venture.

Marketing and Communications

With over 10 years industry experience, we have a deep understanding of the evolving market landscape, and the demand to craft tailored strategies designed to make your brand resonate in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Business Coaching

First Nation Start Up offer transformative one-on-one business coaching options for small to medium size First Nations enterprises. We offer a comprehensive range of coaching services designed to unlock potential, foster leadership, and drive sustainable growth. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur seeking guidance on startup strategies, a business leader aiming to enhance your management skills, or a team striving for peak performance, our expert coaches are here to guide you.

Indigenous Consulting

Wangharra Indigenous Consultants (WIC) is a First Nations female-led consulting agency that specialises in research & development, employment strategy, social anthropology, RAP development, and project support.

RAP Development

We are dedicated to fostering meaningful change and building bridges in the corporate world through our expertly crafted Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs). Tailored specifically for businesses, we provide comprehensive support to promote understanding, respect, and equality among all stakeholders. 

Business Accelerator Specialist

Our business specialises in building comprehensive business accelerators and incubators, providing invaluable support to  First Nations startups and entrepreneurs. We create tailored programs that nurture innovative ideas, foster growth, and propel businesses to success.

Workshop & Facilitation Coaching

We specialise in equipping individuals with the skills and confidence to excel in workshop facilitation. Our comprehensive training programs are meticulously designed to nurture effective communication, leadership, and facilitation techniques.

Partnerhship Brokering

First Nation Start Up helps bring together compatible entities to form collaborations that drive mutual growth and success. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and markets, we act as strategic intermediaries, connecting businesses, organisations, First Nations enterprises, and individuals with shared objectives.